Teacher Training

The globally increasing demand for quality English language instruction has resulted in an increased need for well-trained English language instructors whose teaching beliefs and practices align with up-to-date research findings and best practices. In many places of the world, English teachers find themselves needing essential training on various teaching skills. Experienced teachers, on the other hand, often need to refresh their knowledge about teaching through exposure to the latest developments in the field. Teachers who come out of specialized TESOL graduate programs can add essential practical skills through short, well-designed training sessions and/or ongoing professional development. ON Language offers custom-designed, needs-based teacher training programs that can address the three above categories in any of the following areas:

  • Major theories on second and foreign language acquisition and learning

  • Main methods and approaches to teaching English to speakers of other languages, mainly:

    • Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)

    • Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT)

    • Text-Driven Language Teaching (TDLT)

  • Language assessment:

    • Establishing validity and reliability

    • Designing and using rubrics

    • Authentic assessment (performance assessment)

  • Skills teaching:

    • Listening

    • Speaking

    • Reading

    • Writing

Contact ON Language and tell us about your needs and to receive a price quote for a training program to meet your needs in any of the above or other areas of teaching.